From: Ammar Kazi
To: Me
Subject:  breaking the ice

Hi,  nice to meet you, and if we've met before, it's wonderful to see you again.

While at TrueBridge, the opportunity to closely observe the strategies of (and engage with) many of the best VCs in the world has taught me a bit about the game of venture. Dove into fascinating markets supporting our investments in Stripe, OpenAI, Vanta, Chainalysis, Uniswap, Chronosphere, Rippling, Mercury, Cribl, and more.  Appreciative for the ability to access and experiment with the real data behind venture, in underwriting  some of the most historically influential venture funds, and managing Forbes analysis for Midas, Midas Seed, Midas List Europe, and Next Billion-Dollar Startups for the past 2 years. 

I studied economics and was premed at CWRU, where I also helped start a venture fund to invest in alumni. Built internal tools for tracking investments, managing fund processes, sourced & diligenced deals, and made our first investment into Deciduous Therapeutics. The ability to start a fund for our university was… what seems like many stories in this ecosystem… a mix of right place, right experience, right time. Before this fund, I was enjoying a variety of venture/tech entrepreneurship activities from random hackathons and competitions like VCIC to interning for Refinery Ventures. Refinery emphasized the significance of visionary founders working in markets with strong tailwinds.

Some things I love: podcasts and podcasting (co-host the MSx Podcast), tennis & pickleball, painting, listening to music, spotify blends, and organizing life on beautiful Notion docs.

Thanks for reading. I hope you're doing well. Would love to learn more about what you're looking forward to and passionate about :)

All the best,